Brian Sadler

On my site there has been an image enlarger added. If you place your cursor on the centre of any of my pictures a spy glass with a plus sign appears. Click on this and the picture appears as a full image with a black background.

  • Steam at Bodmin acrylics not for sale
Cricket club at Masham, acrylic, unframed, size 400mm x 300mm, price £65

Cornfield with poppies, watercolour, SOLD

Sunrise over the frozen flood plain at Ainderby Steeple, Acrylics, SOLD

The Alhambra Palace, Sierra Nevada Mountains and part of the city, Granada, acrylics,framed. Size 475mm x 420mm, price £75.

Snow and steam at the Knaresborough viaduct, acrylic—–SOLD

Roman Viaduct, acrylics, SOLD

Autumn at Cod Beck Reservoir, acrylics framed size440mm x 420mm price £55

Brian’s foxy friend acrylics, framed, size 470mm x 420mm price £55

Oban Harbour, west Scotland, acrylics, framed, size 530mm x 430mm price £90

Woman in red, acrylic, unframed, size 400mm x 300mm price £30

Steam and romance, acrylic, stretched canvas, unframed, size 500mm x 400mm price £50

Busy harbour at Amble, acrylic, framed, 530mm x 430mm price £80

Damp morning at Derwentwater, acrylic, framed, 530mm x 430mm price £80

Sunset at Pismo Beach, California, acrylic, size 400mm x 300mm not for sale

La Grande Jatte after Georges Seurat, framed, size 500mm x 400mm, acrylic, price £95